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Crumbs not building

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Subject:Crumbs not building
Summary:Session Cookie seems to cancel when back clicked
Author:Bill Bailey
Date:2009-07-25 12:39:00


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Picture of Bill Bailey Bill Bailey - 2009-07-25 12:39:00
I was wanting to know if the crumbs should keep adding until the depth of the level has been reached EG HOME >> ABOUT US >> MORE INFO >> HERE NOW

I Have set the levels accordingly HOME 0 ABOUT US 1 MORE INFO 2 HERE NOW 3

It seems that the crumb session does not carrie from one page to the next I have tried to wrap the session in isset () but does not work

If Ilet the cookies session cancel go back into the page Home and click on the varios levels it works but the moment I back click the session is destroyed or lost

Any help

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